Consultations with Sherri Gunn, RN, IBCLC

Are you having success with your breastfeeding?

Even with knowledge about breastfeeding and a good start things can be tricky. You might have a baby that is too sleepy or the opposite and wants to nurse all day. Maybe you just want someone to check things out to make sure you are started off on the right foot. Or you just need a chat with someone who knows and understands what you’re going through right now. That someone is me, I have been there and I have the experience to help you succeed. I want you to be able to check in with a health professional in the comfort of your own home. I know the stress of setting up a lactation clinic appointment at a specific time and the stresses of getting there, ( i.e. trying to get ready yourself, possibly getting a shower, putting the baby in the car seat, praying the baby will even want to nurse when you get there) and it can be difficult to try to nurse in a medical exam room. All of these reasons are why I set up consultations over the Internet. When you schedule a consult I will give you a time window of 30 minutes so you can call me whenever you and baby are ready.

Concerns I can help you with during a Breastfeeding Consultation:

  • Nipple pain
  • Low milk supply
  • Overabundant milk supply
  • Overactive let down
  • Going back to work
  • Pumping and storage of breastmilk
  • Sleepy baby
  • Plugged milk ducts
  • Breastfeeding multiples
  • Exclusive pumping/pumping schedule for premie
  • Yeast infection

All consultations are STRICTLY private. No sharing of your information or recording of any sort will occur. The only time I would divulge any information about you and your situation is when I would want to consult with my colleagues to obtain the best advice for you. If that should occur I will send you an email stating my intentions and requesting your permission.

I also offer a private Prenatal/Breastfeeding course. This is an hour session that costs $75.  We will go over topics that include; pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum care for you, caring for your newborn, and of course breastfeeding. It would be helpful, but not necessary if you could have someone else there with you during the class. This can be a spouse, mother, sister, friend, anyone who can help you remember what you learned in the class throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period. The difference between my class and one that the hospital gives is that it is specific to you.  We can go over all your concerns and focus on what you’re experiencing right now, and what you plan for the future. Truly I am here to help you.